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【Scholarship】2019 fall-Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents - Taipei City ICT Southern Diamond Talent Convergence Plan

Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents - Taipei City ICT Southern Diamond Talent Convergence Plan 

Scholarship Implementation Plan that Attracts Outstanding Foreign Students to Study and Work in Taiwan


Scholarship Guidelines-CH


Scholarship Guidelines-EN


Application form


Undertaking form



1. Institute of Electrical and Information Engineering. All Engineering Departments. All Life Sciences Departments. Engineering and Systems Science Departments. Department of Health Engineering and Environmental Science. Institute of Computing and Modeling Science. Department of Art and Design.

2. Master (maximum two years) /PhD (maximum four years)

3. For Malaysian, Indian, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines graduate students to study in Taiwan.

4. Not get NTHU international students scholarship, TIGP scholarship or other scholarship from Taiwan government.

5. Obtain the work visa in Taiwan after graduation and work in the relevant industry for at least two years within 3 years from graduation.


Subsidy Program

1. Tuition fees: The tuition and sundry subsidy award to each student shall be within NT$80 thousand per academic year.

2. Accommodation allowance: The government will provide NT$3000 per month per person.



Please submit the following documents to "room 205, Center for Continuing Education, administrative building" before September 11 (Wed.) 17:00.  


A. Application form

B. Undertaking form (4 hard copies)

C. Passport copy

D. ARC card copy

E. Bank book copy (post office/Mega/ E-SUN)

F. Transcript of academic record in NTHU

G. NTHU certificate of presence

H. Motive of application and research (A4, one to two pages)

I. One recommendation letter (Advisor or other professor from NTHU)


Contact Window: Ms. Sung mysung@mx.nthu.edu.tw 


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