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NTHU International Student Scholarship is open for Application for current students enrolled in Fall semester

NTHU Scholarhsip Application is open for current students enrolled in fall semster 

*Fall class means the duration of NTHU International Scholarship from September 2019 to August 2020.

Applicaiton Period:  June 03 to June 16, 2020.

Application  http://oiaapply.ad.nthu.edu.tw/Scholarship/    

The email account and password are the same as the one you registered for the admission on line.

Note: Please use “Chrome” or “ Firefox” to open the application link and submit all require documents. (Do Not use IE to open the link and upload your materials, it will cause document upload error.)

Please be notified that you will have to submit all the materials (No.1 ~ 5) on line.

  1. Application form,
  2. An official Transcript for all semesters in Chinese (Please upload the up to date transcript, if it is still miss score, we will confirm with the registration office. (don’t worry)
  3. Study plan or statement of purpose,
  4. Photo (same as passport required),
  5. 2 Recommendation letters
  6. Academic Performance Evaluation Form (For Doctoral Students only)

(Please Email to ccmai@mx.nthu.edu.tw before deadline June 16, 2020)

If you encounter any error message while you log in the Scholarship application system, please send me information below:

  1. Screenshot of the error message
  2. Your log-in mail, student ID
  3. The re-set password mail if you have applied the re-set password.

NTHU ISS office

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